View Full Version : Lightwave to Unity plugin problems ad wishlist

11-29-2013, 04:48 PM
I think the Unity plugin is a great thing, but it have some problems that should be solved to have it fully functional in production.

The first one is not a bug, just a thing that can be annoying in large project, when you have to export many objects, meshes and animation. The exported FBX have a structure that mantain as parent the name of the Lightwave scene, and it also cointain nulls named as the Cameras and Lights in Layout. If you have large projects or even medium sized you will find this very annoying and unclean. If you extract those items from the hierarchy it will also loose dependancies and become difficult to manage tweaking from Lightwave.

This is how it appear a simple model in Unity:

> MyCharacter (this is the only thing i need)
> Camera
> Light

This is so unclean.

That leads me to a wish: in the plugin windows you should be able to choose what to export exactly from a list. A check/uncheck system to tell the plugin what to export to Unity would be perfect.

Also it will be very useful to have a "bake" command to automatically bake motion driven by nulls or goals directly in the export window. So click > bake > export > unbake, something like that.

Now for the bug: i recently experienced a problem i am investigating in this (http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?138825-Unity-FBX-and-Blendshape) post. Some users gets a "liquefying" effect when export Blendshapes from Lightwave. Some others not, with the same configuration. Also there is frequently crash of Unity if the mesh contains bones and morphs (blendshapes).

Don't get me wrong, i am very happy to finally have an exporter plugin, but it still have problems which it makes it look so unprofessional and not complete.

Please don't flame me, and write down your comments or wishes, as i hope this post would help to improve this useful plugin.