View Full Version : I īve lost it, my hypervoxels arenīt showing, point cloud copy in modeler donīt show

11-21-2013, 10:40 PM
Uhh..this is escaping my logic.

I created a point cluster in modeler, saved and sent to layout for hypervoxel cloud work...now I copy that point cluster and paste it and move it slightly above in the same layer..save it
and synchronize layout and switch, and the newly modified point cloud cluster shows up in wire, but not in vpr or final render, see images.

Maybe it will show up correctly if I reload, replace it, but I shouldnīt have to do that, and while we are at it, could we please get a spray point, and particle tool insided of layout..blink..blink.
Lightwave 11.6 build 2706 win32

Ivé lost it:(

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11-21-2013, 10:49 PM
Case solved...

I forgot about the hv thickness channel, which I had a distance to object gradient applied to, and since it was based on the first sprayed part, the hypervoxels on the other
copied part was out of distance and no thickness applied, so it is now fixed...thanks for dropping by:)
This is what happens after endless tweaking of voxels without sleep, so I bid you all goodnight and Ill go to sleep now:)


11-21-2013, 10:55 PM
Ah, I see you fixed it!

11-21-2013, 11:56 PM
This is what happens after endless tweaking of voxels without sleep, so I bid you all goodnight and Ill go to sleep now

Good night, Good morning! http://erikalstad.com/backup/misc.php_files/smile.gif

11-22-2013, 02:49 AM
I would spend more time on HVs if they were not so darn slow to rander.

11-22-2013, 01:31 PM
I would spend more time on HVs if they were not so darn slow to rander.

I would spend more time on HVs if they were not so darn slow to rander.

Yeah..you got to know the ins and outs of what makes them slow or faster to render, we could use deep shadow maps and overhaul of renderspeed, modo is said to be
faster according to some of those using itīs volumetrics, but I canīt tell.

Dpont_sunsky Sk_sun is updated by the way since a couple of days ago, just a fix for hvīs and raycasting.

I Tried the houdini cloudfx too..and that renders in realtime openGL ..if not using the highest resolution of the volumetric object(yes volumetric object) so tweaking a geometry shaped cloudwith that is cool...I however run in to long rendertimes for houdinis mantra rendered, which is supposed to be fast, but I actually seem to feel that Lightwave hypervoxels renders fast compared to that...but Itīs hard to compare really since it uses different techiques etc.

If you are not using volumetric lights as godray/sunbeam source you could turn of volumetric aliasing when rendering hvīs, that is a huge difference in renderspeed.

I started to fiddle again with dponīt_ sunsky which he a couple of days updated with a fix on the sk_sun, the sk_sun didnīt work with hypervoxels casting shadows..it is now fixed so if you use hypervoxels for clouds, you can get the sk_sun use raycast shadows through the clouds to the ground, I previously had to switch to dome light and always take more steps and change angle from 9 to 0.56for sun settings and also the need to set envelop on the domlight color with sunsky color.
That is no longer needed..and many many thanks to denis ..he answered me just a few hours afterI mailed him, then he did a fix of it within a couple of hours so he rocks.
I donīt think he is so motivated or has resources to work out a truly volumetric engine with fog and implement a volumetric light option for the sk_sun.
So if I would like to do this with volumetric lights I would have to set up distant light, dome and sk_sun donīt have that option, the bad thing about that light is that it
donīt have soft shadows, so the shadows from volumetric lights can be too sharp depending on cloud density.
Using volumetric lights with hypervoxels cloud is today not really efficient, and barely tweakable in vpr..almost as slow as terragen, and that is for vpr preview before it has iterated to an acceptabel level.
Final render of a 640x480 resolution with aa of min 2 and light quality 2, renders in aprox 1 hour 30 minutes, wich would be much longer in HD res, to be efficient I would say
45 minuts or less for HD should be considered acceptable perhaps, and much faster previews are needed.

ozone would probably be much faster, less directable as you want it though...and ogo taiki might be betterof for it too.
Neither houdiniCloudFX, ozone,ogo taiki, or sunsky and hypervoxels takes me to the place I want to be, or reach the level I would want it to have in order
to unleash that next level of creative freedom when doing stuff like this.

I will start yet another sunsky_hv cloud thread soon again, with some tips and findings, the Hosek & wilkie sky model looks more natural than the preetham model
and together with the hack of the atmospheric sunsky in the volumetric tab, it gives additional glow and hase and air scattering that is getting closer to vue or ozone, but
it lacks a truly volumetric atmosphere fog hase, dust setting.

I couple of weeks ago, i did send some feedback on the ozone plugin to their development team, and he replied and said he would make sure to pass on
my thoughts on why I wasnīt satisfied with the ozone plugin, and also mentioned comparative notes on how ogo taiki works in Lightwave, so maybe they
could push ozone a little more, at least that is needed before I buy in to it.

For voxels, renderspeed and also specially in regards with volumetric lights applied, deep shadows, better blending mode, better thickness softness and
with density curves, appliance on geomtric objects (ref:houdini,modo volumetrics) and even some sort of infinit cloud plane.
Additional noises/fractals and secondary hypertextures for control of large additional advection noise, (ref:houdini cloudFX secondary advection noise)

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Ps..itīs pretty dark and grey now when winter aproaches, canīt go out and take a snapshot:)