View Full Version : Sunrise's "Possessions"?? more explanation needed!!

11-21-2013, 02:12 PM
The LightWave 3D Group newsletter, Nov. 2013, just came out, with fine announcements, including the 'short listing' of the movie "Possessions," by Sunrise's studio in Japan. The one image looks great, but the link goes to AnimeNewsNetwork, with no trailer, no more pictures.
A link to the Lightwave featured article would have been helpful.

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I know that there is great work coming out of Japan with LightWave, more explanation is needed on this side of the 'pond' than, "LightWave was used."
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I did some Google research to come up with the link to more info on the Newtek site.
Here is the link to the LightWave page, which addresses the questions. This link should have been included in the announcement, besides the news splash from AnimeNewsNetwork. I had read it when it was first posted, and yes, more is always appreciated.

“Possessions” Moves Closer to 2013 Oscar Nomination

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on November 7, 2013 that it has selected 10 animated short films to advance to the voting process for the 86th Academy Awards. Originally, 56 pictures had qualified for the category, Shuhei Mortia and Sunrise’s “Possessions” short, also known as “Tsukumo,” which was created with LightWave, is among the 10 to advance. The list will be narrowed further to three to five films for the final nominations, which will be announced on January 16, 2014.