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11-18-2013, 12:59 PM
Hi gang,

I am stumped.

I have to make a t-shirt from a real t-shirt pattern in Lightwave for a program we are building. Because of the irregularities of each panel (sleeve shapes, curves of where the sleeves are sewn, etc...) I am not sure how to really go about it. I am trying to build this in reverse (make the uv map because I have the outline shapes of all the panels and just create polys that follow the edges) and then take the panels and "stitch" them together to make the shirt. To me, the trickiest part is how do I move the polys to actually create the shirt with NO distortion (if on the uv map a poly is perfectly square, it must be perfectly square on the 3d model)

Would i use something like cloth dynamics (which I have never used before) to make the panels cloth materials, make a 3d t shirt on a different layer and Pin (weld) the edges together like I was sewing it in real life.

If anyone has any ideas, I would sure like to hear them


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11-18-2013, 03:58 PM
What I would try and do is use a tool like drag net to get the shapes in their curved positions, then mend them with weld point by point. Just get things lined up in a basic fashion first, don't worry about distortion at the beginning stage. Also you can select verts and use the rotate tool etc.

Once you have the parts connected then go through an iterative process of relaxing them and molding it back into shape and relaxing. The tool for relaxing is Shift M and it works on selection. (I usually leave strength to 1 and iterations to 4) Going back and forth on this between dragnet (; key I think) and smooth (shift M) you can refine the shape and end up with a smooth even mesh of quads. It is tedious and time consuming so be patient and take it a little at a time. Of course you adjust the dragnet tool with RMB drag. So you can vary the area of influence.

Another tip is that all of the transform tools use the same fall off modes. So drag net is simply a drag tool with radial fall off etc. If you use the rotate tool with radial fall off I believe it is the same as twist or vortex, I forget.

But the point is using the radial fall off can help you smooth off a rotate tool which will help you getting these bends in the fabric over the arms and body at the various stages of your tweaking.

11-18-2013, 06:39 PM
You can build your shirt in a (slightly) larger size and use Shrinkwrap to fit it to the body.