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11-17-2013, 04:47 PM
Apple buys Prime Sense... the originators of KINECT technology!


11-18-2013, 11:40 AM
Well, if it's true, we may have a primesense sensors support in LW/NEVRON for Mac in the future...

Areyos Alektor
11-18-2013, 04:58 PM
"Kinect" is "Microsoft". They had removed the chips to replace them by software in order to facilitated the flexibility and updates. On the "Xbox 360" 15% of the power used to perform the calculations instead of chips. People tracking and voice recognition come from "Microsoft". It is therefore likely that if the purchase is confirmed it is more for an evolution of the "IOS" as a competitor of the "Kinect". Unless "Apple" wants to continue on the sharing of technologies with "Microsoft" ;)

11-19-2013, 12:46 AM
It gets better (worse). Today I received a email from 3D Systems touting their "Sense" Handheld 3D Scanner. Hmmmm... this has coincidence (not) written all over it. Went to check: http://cubify.com/sense/index.aspx?hp_bn_sense then went to Prime Sense: http://www.primesense.com/casestudies/sense-3d-scanner/ Sure enough.

Why is it worse? 3D Systems, like Apple, is all about proprietary in everything they do; only more so. (Don't get me wrong... I have three Macs and an iPhone.) 3DS Borged Bits from Bytes, immediately killed the 3D printers that were being produced and regurgitated a "new" product called CubeX from what had been a 3D Touch. Main difference? CubeX requires proprietary cartridges, carrying their filament, that cost upwards of $100 for less than 1/3 of the filament that can be readily purchased for $38 or less every where. BfB users had long shunned BfB filament as being junk. PLA snaps into bits overnight and renders your printer useless until you extract it all from the feed tubes; an arduous task at best. The migration to better product was inevitable. 3DS read the writing on the wall and went in what most consider to be the wrong direction.

They wrote firmware that is constructed to only read proprietary encrypted code that the printer uses to print objects. Therefore, you are seemingly forced into using only their slicer. When users began developing workarounds to be able to run standard G-code and filament from mainstream suppliers, 3DS escalated; changing the firmware so that it monitored the amount of filament in a cartridge and refused any longer to operate if the readout indicated that the cartridge is empty or had been tampered with. Yes, it is a "feature" to know how much filament is left but being able to SEE how much is left works just as well. But, it has also been shown that their protection scheme screws up and prevents printing when new 3DS cartridges are inserted. Nice goin'.

Rather than compete on the market stage with a better product, against all comers, they put out a crappy product that produces inferior prints and turn secretive and exclusionary—forcing use of their "razor blade" business model where they can charge exorbitant prices for expendable material that is actually low cost. Can you say: "Slimy"? Can you say: "No confidence in your own ability to produce a good product that doesn't need shoring up by extortion"?

I'm not saying, by any means, that other companies (Microsoft included) do not have IP and protect it; but there is a line that is crossed where it just becomes usurious—at the very least.