View Full Version : weird polys after import

11-04-2013, 09:19 PM
Hi everyone,

I have a very complex model. After the import from MOI3D, I have weird result at the render, it look like if the polys are getting out of the model. Someone know how to repair this?


11-04-2013, 09:40 PM
How to they look in Modeler?

11-04-2013, 11:35 PM
They look like double ups where you have an identical polygon occupying the same co-ordinates or there are flattened quads in between. Or non subD'd polygons, or geometry which needs to be tripled because of where it is. Try "shift I" and the stats on subs, flattened quads switch to wire and zoom in "Shift A".

Waves of light
11-05-2013, 04:03 AM
Unwelded points on a sub-d model? Press W and see if there are some sub-d and some non-Sub-D polys. Merge points (M) and then TAB to change all polys to sub-D.