View Full Version : LiveText DataLink Database Query/Queries location?

11-03-2013, 01:02 PM
Hi all,

I'm experimenting with the Database module of DataLink and I'm a little confused about where LiveText stores the Keys/Queries. Under the Stats Plugin directory, there's another one called "Database Input", with example XML files showing connection strings and Key/Query pairs. The thing is, DataLink doesn't seem to be reading these at all? Whenever I use DataLink.exe (& DataLinkTester.exe), it seems like they're only reading from the Registry, which is where DataLink stores its profiles. (HKEY_USERS\---\Software\NewTek\DataLink\Active).

In my tinkering, did I break something? I'm looking into setting up the same Keys/Queries on multiple LiveText stations, so it'd be really helpful to be able to edit and copy an XML file rather than having to run DataLink.exe and type all the same info in two times+. (Or worse, fiddling with Registry keys).