View Full Version : maya SDS uv mapping DOES WORK!!!

jin choung
11-15-2003, 02:32 AM

figured it out.... sds uv mapping in maya does work but it is still just an APPROXIMATION... technically, there still is distortion but you won't see it 'for all intents and purposes'.

it works because maya uses their HIERARCHICAL SDS that relies on the fact that maya has a HISTORY.


reason why i said it didn't work really well before is because i misunderstood maya's use of hierarchical sds levels.

yes, you can just grab a few polys in the nose area and increase the sds level to add detail....


you can also, after you're done completely with your model, increase the sds level to a level, such that it's high enough so that when you uv map it, it will distort only minimally even onto the LIMIT SURFACE.


you can hierarchically STEP DOWN the resolution of this very dense model back to the point that you were at when you were done modeling (!) so that you can WEIGHT MAP and such on this lower density model.

granted, you can WEIGHT MAP on this model but after you've arbitrarily taken the resolution up a couple of subdivision levels for uv mapping, you will NOT be able to RENDER that 'base' level. those base verts are available to weight map but the lowest renderable mesh is somewhere between the base and the level that you took it up to.

but that's a minor problem because most models using sds don't need to really render very low levels anyway.

but you DO get non distorting uv mapping, AND you get to weight map the LOW RES CAGE which is basically everything we need.

so sds uv mapping in maya works because it relies on history. that does not translate to a workflow possible in lw.

but i was thinking that if we had a MODIFIED (it will not work with the version possible now) version of METAMATION, we might be able to weightmap a low poly cage and then simply just texture map a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MODEL that is highly subdivided that we texture as simple polys.

then, some kind of connection is maintained between the verts of the low and high and yadda yadda....

that would probably be the closest approximation of maya's way of dealing with it.

and for those who are new to my sds uv rants, this thread is not meant to expound upon how great maya is.

rather, among many (including the folk at newtek) who seem to think there is no good solution for uvmaps for sds, i am in the midst of exploring if and if so how other apps deal with this non-negligible issue.


11-16-2003, 12:56 PM
I think you can render base level.

Just switch tess format from adaptive to uniform and specify which level you want to render.

Plus, Maya has two types of subdiv - one you were talking about and second just like in other apps - subd operator on poly object.

In that case just check smooth UVs option box.