View Full Version : LW 11.5 flipped normals n bump in layout persp but fine everywhere else

10-21-2013, 10:59 AM
Hi. I'm having an annoying issue. Not sure if it was there and I simply haven't noticed it or sth just got wrong now.

The problem is with normals and bump...

Whenever I load one of my scenes.

I look from the camera, as the scene was saved. The normals and bump are all fine. But if I change to perspective view then after I move around a bit (not immediately) the normals and bump flip after a refresh of the auto-preview in VPR mode. Then if I rotate the light around... then things go back to normal... then I move around... and it's still fine O_o... I reloaded the scene twice, repeated the steps and it happened again.

Some might think - He has wrong normals (no, it rendered fine since the beginning of the project and is also always viewed fine in camera view, only in perspective + VPR it breaks)
Some might think - Maybe it's the light casting from a funky angle... because when I rotate it then it's fine... Well then why w/o touching the light it still both renders and shows through camera pov just fine?

I don't know what that is... but if any of you experienced sth like this. Please let me know what could be wrong. I'm suspecting maybe sth DX vs OpenGL that some of the view is handled this and some that way and that means normals are the inverted between those. But why would that also affect bump then?

I find it a bit annoying because it makes me feel less confident about the view I'm being given in the layout like I can't trust it anymore...

Thanks for any help.

10-21-2013, 11:11 AM
Ok... now I did a restart of my W7... this time I didn't launch any other app before going into layout. loaded the scene, repeated the steps and... it's all working fine now O_o...

My thoughts?
A - could've been broken by sth related to memory...
B - maybe it was acting like that because of other apps I was running at that time.
C - maybe it broke down when I loaded a multilayer tiff texture for bump... (but still like I said, restarting the layout alone didn't really solve it I'm thinking it's like once I read that you should wait for the hub to shut down to clear the memory and I simply forgot about it before I restarted and well now's no way to check it again...)

Anyway, feels stupid that it fixed itself. But I guess it's still good for anyone experiencing sth like this to see how it fixed itself for me :<.

Good day to everyone.

EDIT: Yup, it was the "C", I loaded the texture again and it broke the normal/bump of the whole view in perspective + VPR again. The texture is a 4k tiff with 3 layers I made in Cinema4D. So I guess that unless I use sth like that in future (I wasn't planning on using that texture format in final render, just loaded a WIP to see where I'm at) I should be fine :< I also want to add that removing the texture immediately fixes the problem. (Still I didn't realize it from the very start that that texture could've been breaking the whole model, after all it covers only one small part of it and again, both in render and cam view it was all fine).

EDIT: Ok, and now I put same object but in a fresh new scene... added the same image map... and everything is fine O_o the only idea I have now that it had to be some image map + corrupted scene file... I have no idea how else would this happen.