View Full Version : Improvment requests for 3Play 425

10-15-2013, 02:57 PM
I have a few suggestions that would really improve the 3Play 425 for sports replay operators:

1. The unit should "play" when the play button is pressed or if the T-Bar is moved. You should not have to press any other buttons to make the video play whether it's the "play" button or the "T-Bar".

2. Audio during jog mode. There should be an option to choose audio during jogging so an interview clip can be cued up easily.

3. When playing a playlist you can advance to the next clip by pressing "ALT" & "Out" at the same time but the unit will just cut to the next clip. Is it possible to have it dissolve to the next clip when pushing ahead using the "ALT" & "Out" buttons? Or can you update the software to have a button that will advance to the next playlist clip using a dissolve?

4. Sometimes when you press the "stop" button the video will jump back to the point in time when you first started the record. This seems to be a bug in the software. Can this be fixed?

5. When playing a playlist is it possible to have an on-screen countdown for both the current clip runtime and the playlist total runtime?

When do you expect to have the next software revision for the 3Play 425? We are interested in beta testing.

Thank you,
Jeff A.

10-29-2013, 09:49 AM
Hi Jeff. Someone drew my attention to your post, and I wanted to thank you for the suggestions. (Some of these have already made an appearance in 3Play 4800, btw). As a practice, we do not pre-announce either software updates, upgrades nor new models, so I can't comment much beyond this except to say I'll make sure the 3Play dev team sees it and mention your offer to beta test in future.

Thanks again!