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10-07-2013, 06:14 AM
Gaffer initially used in rendering and look development, has expended to lofty goals providing a general purpose and open source, node based application with the basic building blocks and tools specifically designed for the Visual Effects industry which include procedural scene generation, shader authoring, rendering, and compositing.

Gaffer provides non-destructive methods for building and modifying scenes. Connect nodes. Make pictures.

At its core, Gaffer gives you non-destructive workflows for processing 3D scenes, allowing you to build and modify 3D scenes and then sending the results to render. Not tied to any specific renderer, Gaffer instead leverages the renderer abstraction provided by the cortex framework.

Having its base in Nodes, Gaffer also has simple 2D compositing functionality allowing for renders and other imagery to be combined, and for the execution of basic image manipulations.

The framework with which the Gaffer tool is built is also available for rapid development of both command line and GUI applications. More details on the framework and its use are available from the project site.

Right now the Gaffer Project is looking to get more people involved, if you have an interest to fix a bug or contribute a cool new enhancement, please get involved or help spread the word.

Based on a multithreaded deferred scene evaluation engine, Gaffer allows you to handle large scenes and develop flexible procedural work-flows.

Renderer Agnostic
Gaffer utilises a renderer abstraction layer allowing it to export to your favourite renderer (assuming for now that your favourite renderer is either Arnold or 3Delight).

Gaffer is built to be customisable throughout. Be it a simple scripted configuration tweak, complex expression, custom node or user interface, even a full blown application, Gaffer's open APIs enable you to do what you need.

Feel free to add new renderers, new nodes, or integrate with your renderfarm. With Gaffer derived apps you could have new types of data flowing through the node graph, such as asset dependencies or simulation operations.

Open Source
Distributed under the BSD license, Gaffer builds upon a wealth of open-source VFX libraries including OpenEXR, OpenImageIO, OpenColorIO, Cortex and of course the Gaffer frameworks themselves.

Although Gaffer is becoming more capable by the day, it still lacks in features and useability. Itching to fix a bug or contribute a cool new enhancement? Want to add support for OpenVDB, Bullet or another renderer backend?

10-07-2013, 07:24 AM
It looks promising. Thank you for the link!

10-07-2013, 02:36 PM
Yeah i was looking at this when it popped over on Cgtalk. Figured ill try it out. But it's not windows complied so i tried Ubuntu and just couldn't get it to run.