View Full Version : 11.6 Build 2714 and FiberFX: something that seems to be fixed

10-02-2013, 02:13 PM
I just got email from NT about a long-standing bug I filed about display sub patch levels and FFS: if I have a model with a furry face that also has morphs on it, and I need to set deformation order to last so the fur conforms to the deformations, display subpatch level has had to be set at zero or Layout crashes.

According to the email they fixed it since build 2515. I just tested one of my existing scenes with facial animation and set display to subpatch 3 with no crashes even with a lot of scrubbing, and also got a good render (though I saw the bug where the image doesn't show in the render window even though you can save it out).

Chalk up one for the good guys.