View Full Version : Confusion about updates without update version category and to be or not to be!

09-29-2013, 01:31 PM
I wonder about how you categorize names in updates of Nevron?

In the Read me file this new version is mentioned "NevronMotion(TM) 1.0" But wouldnīt an updated version rather be baptized as 1.1. or something that declares that this is an updated version?

The other thing I wonder about is the text below who came with the "read me file" in the latest e-mail with information about the update of Nevron. I see information about that it isnīt ok to install over an old version of Nevron if you have used a beta version of Nevron. But to be honest I havenīt got a clue if my purchase was judged as a beta or full version. Ok, I know that the final version were announced somewhere in Q4 but still I am not sure of how to manage this situation. If I purchased and payed for a version of Nevron was this version really only made for working in 90 days? I guess not, but I am sure of that I need some help to get further with this before I install the downloaded update!

"Important Notes before installing:

NevronMotion(TM) is licensed through a software-only method and distributed digitally. If you have been using a beta version of NevronMotion(TM) 1.0, please do not install the NevronMotion(TM) 1.0 software over an earlier version of the software! Instead do a clean install by either uninstalling the previous version or directing the new install to a unique folder location. License keys issued for NevronMotion(TM) during a beta program cycle (prior to the application going to what is called a Gold Master shipping status) are typically 90-day keys, which have to be renewed after that time period expires."