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11-14-2003, 03:34 AM
many tutorials deal with wheel rotation in a stright line but im trying to figure out a way for the front tires to turn at the correct rate when turning left or right. I created a null setup so that when you move a main null left or right, it rotates both wheels left and right at the same time. there is a main mover null that this control is attached to so everything moves at once.

I'm running into a problem with the setup however when i try to have something rotate in accordanc eto a child moving. for instance, i have a hierarchy like this:

| |
rightWheelLook leftWheelLook

rightWheelNull is set to target at rightWheelLook
leftWheelNull is set to target at leftWheelLook

the wheels will only turn if i set the wheel to use mainMover and move that mover. this is what iw as trying to do for the front tires.

Expression: -360*B
A: 2*PI*.277
B: rightWheelNull.position(Time).z / A

the reason being when the wheel rotates, the vector for rightWheelNull and leftWheelNull faces forward to the tire and thats what is needed for correct wheel rotation. i was also thinking maybe i'd have to do something with the pathagorean theorem, breaking the x and z movement into separate componants and calculating the resultant.

the wheel only turns if i move the rightWheelNull or left one independently regardless of what's attached at a higher level to move the object

09-20-2004, 02:08 AM
hi, I was wondering if you got this figured out, since we are trying the same thing over here, but than with the follower modifier, put that in a timelag of -0.3 and target the wheels to the nulls ahead in the time curve...

well it has its flaws, so I thought if you got it right??