View Full Version : FReqs:Node Editor: new Node - spatial offset in node editor, plus "Show native name"

09-25-2013, 08:21 PM
Here's a tiny tweek that I think would improve node editor productivity slightly, possibly very slightly:

1) When new nodes appear in the editor, they overlap each other, sometimes (usually) obscuring each other.

I'd like it if they appeared in a (PShop style) "cascade", attempting if possible to allow the user to see the previously invoked node's title bar above the new node.


2) here's another feature request: I'd like there to be a "momentary contact" switch (like a pushbutton or doorbell, but in computer UI terms) switch that would switch all node labels back to their native NAMES, so after a user renames them, the user can still call back the default name.

Rather like AE's Layer names: there's the DEFAULT name, taken from the footage or clip or image, then there's the USER NAME, given by the user to discriminate between, for example, multiple copies of the same clip that are being used for different functions.