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09-24-2013, 04:45 AM
How good do you thing Chronosculpt would be as an vertex animation solution?
After all basic transformation tools are in, action centers implemented, with something like a Graph Editor inside, would you find it more useful for such a purpose?
I was thinking it might be really helpful for game development (see MegaFiers (http://www.west-racing.com/mf/?page_id=2) - a mesh deformation and animation system for Unity3D).
Any thoughts?

09-24-2013, 08:38 AM
What is your definition of vertex animation. Chronosculpt can be used as a vertex animation toolset right now and can export .mdd for use with megafiers.

09-24-2013, 11:20 AM
What is your definition of vertex animation.

Well, I read the Chronosculpt forum and I found that some basic transformation tools are not there yet.

A basic example: I have a quad and I want to change the sphape and position of the quad, keyframe any vertex whenever I want, placing the pivot point of the selected vertices in a precise defined coordinates Maybe save the selection and pivot position?), perform maybe a rotation from from frame N to frame M, continue the deformation with a scale operation, having the option to tweak the animation keys with different interpolation settings, etc. and when I`m happy export everything as an animated morph ready to use in Unity/Megafiers. No bones involved, maybe using weights would be a good idea too.

Chronosculpt can be used as a vertex animation toolset right now and can export .mdd for use with megafiers.

This is exactly the reason I thought Chronosculpt would be a great tool for that (and the price is also a good point).

I was thinking to use Lightwave or Modo for these kind of no-bones animations, but for more complicated animations it`s a real pain. Not to mention that having everything exported as an animated morph will simplify things a lot at the other end (Unity).
Do you know any other option/tool to create animated morphs? No Max or Maya please (even with the new renting schemes as possible alternatives).
Some simple and straight forward tools?

09-24-2013, 01:39 PM
Zbrush is used quite a lot for creating morph targets but I'm not sure I understand your workflow. I would need to know what you are trying to animate. If you're talking character body motions, then yeah, Chronosculpt and zbrush are not the tools to use for pivotal rotations while animating.

-) The method that LW3DGroup is recommending is to do your pivotal FK/IK skeletal animations and audio sync in your primary animation package like lightwave, max, maya, blender, modo etc. THEN export your model with point cache from there. You can just drag and drop those files into Chronosculpt really quickly (It's been painless for me) then add any additional deformations in a nonlinear fashion over time. This can be for hand animated cloth, fluid effects, muscle attenuation, fixing clipping errors and improving dynamics cache. Slowing and speeding things up at any time is really nice too. Animated morphs can be stacked within chronosculpt in very interesting ways as well just like video clips.

-) For unity game stuff I can see using CS for various animated effects for envronments. I doubt it would be practical for characters for a real time game but for just Unity cinematics, no problem.

09-24-2013, 03:59 PM
I remember what the initial Chronosculpt promotion was: tweaking/fixing animations/simulations.
I was not referring to bone driven animations, just simple vertex manipulation, like you can do in 3D Studio Max.
My point it was that by simply adding the transformation tools with/without action centers might be really useful for Unity users.
Anyway, thanks for your answer.