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11-13-2003, 07:50 PM
Hi, I'm a student who bought LW as a BFA graduate in illustration. I decided since jobs in illlustration were scarce in 2000 that I would go into the animation industry. Not that there are a million jobs in animation but I enjoy designing and constructing characters. I wanted to accellerate my learning curve so I went to animation school primarily to help me create conceptual illustration, modeling and texturing. As far as 3D graphics careers go how many of you hard core Lightwavers on this forum use Lightwave in the animation/ illustration industry? How many of you are freelance vs. company workers? Now I know that there are a lot of careers in television and engineering that use Lightwave but is this one of the programs on my resume that will land me my first job, granted that I can do characters well for film and video games? Most of the gaming studios that I've read about that use LW are from Europe and Asia. Or am I way off base?