View Full Version : Anyone want to be a Lightwave author? Then read on...

09-19-2013, 05:30 AM
VTC.com in the past has covered Lightwave going back to version 5. THe last tutorial set that VTC.com did for Lightwave was version 10 in about 2007 by Dwayne Ferguson.

So I looked on vtc and Lightwave 11 is listed under the available topics for prospective new VTC authors. Thus it would appear from that that if anyone here wants to apply to VTC.COM and can demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to make such a Lightwave 11.* tutorial set, then there is nothing to stop someone from this forum from doing so: just go to vtc and fill out the prospective author form there which is a touch obscure to find.

So any takers?

Some of you have been using Lightwave for a LONG time!!!!!!!!! :)