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09-17-2013, 11:39 AM

ShadowTools PowerPoint add-in. :newtek:

Create Still-frame Alpha Channel Graphics for Video with PowerPoint

The Add-in provides 4 areas of functionally for Video Production users.
The core value being that all images can contain alpha information for transparent keying in video production environments.
1. 4-Templates for Video Frame sizes. SD NTSC, SD PAL, HD 720P, HD 1080P.
2. Save slides to 5 hard drive Frame Buffers. This was originally built for the NewTek Tricaster, but can be used in any system that can monitor a PNG file as a frame buffer image source.
3. “Save all Slides as PNG”. Very useful for offline creation of alpha channel graphics to be used in playlists, such as the Tricaster, or any media player. Also for creating graphics for editing and graphics systems.
4. “New Slide from 1” Creates a new slide from whatever slide is the first one in the PowerPoint list. Powerful for managing several “templates” that you create on the fly.

Information and Limitations: Tested with PowerPoint 2010 and 2013

Because this is PowerPoint we have some limitations.
1. You MUST keep all objects within the edges of the slide. This means ALL BOUNDING BOXES. When the graphics are created, the slide size is made of all objects in the slide. If pieces of objects extend outside the boundaries of the slide you will end up with some obscure frame sizes.
2. All information in the Slide MASTER is ignored. This is why we use the “Duplicate from Slide 1” function. This gives us some of the functionality of the Slide Master function.
Hidden objects are in the templates to control “minimum” output sizing.
3. All files are square pixel aspect ratio. That is all we get from Microsoft. You may have to compensate for this. Beware of circles in SD resolutions.


Steve Spaw