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09-08-2013, 08:27 PM
I'm using BNR to control my LW 11 x64 render farm.
I have DP_Kit x64 plugin(s) installed in a dedicated network folder off the root drive where LW is installed (\\chrusion\d\lwplugins_thirdparty_x64 to be exact).
LW 11.5 is installed in \\chrusion\d\lightwave11_x64 with configs in a /config folder in this install folder (and BNR of course configed and working fine with these network resources).
I've triple checked that these node plugins are correctly listed with the above network path in the LW11-x64.cfg file, the same as all other 3rd party plugins.

The problem is, screamernet errors on loading DP_MDDpointer with "no plug-in of type NodeHandler found."
The displacement node set up is simple: a single DP_MDDpointer node connected to the output node and loaded with an MDD file in the network accessible content directory's default /vertcache folder.

Running LW on the host machine with content directory, scene, and configs all using the UNC network folders loads the scene without error.
Running LW on a render farm machine (LW is NOT installed on it) via a shortcut using UNC paths to the host installation location loads fine as well. This means DP_MDDpointer displacement Node is found and loaded in Layout, so ALL UNC paths in the LWEXT11-64.cfg and scene files are correct and ALL plugins are accessible to ALL network machines.

So why isn't LWSN finding the DP Nodes, but it can ALL the OTHER plugins? How do I isolate and investigate the cause for these node plugins to not be found?

09-08-2013, 10:08 PM
I copied LW to a folder with DP Kit & config files. One complete working folder. Make sure all that worked. Then copied that folder to the other computers (Matt's SN setup). Each of the render nodes on each computer are pointed to each of the computers' own copy of that folder. Screamernet will find the plugins on each computer.

09-08-2013, 10:33 PM
Sorry... Never mind.

I installed DP_Kit after I had setup BNR, thus it didn't know about the new plugins. I had it in my mind that BNR used my LW config files directly (since it asked where they were and was getting the location of all my 3rd party plugins). Apparently not. It makes it's own copy in its network (share) folder, replacing paths in the original cfg with those to the new shared location, where it copies all native plugins, but not touching the paths for the 3rd party plugs I have in their own folder outside of LW.

Anyway, I reran the setup wizard and now there are no plugin loading errors.

09-09-2013, 08:31 AM
Correction: BNR copies ALL plugins defined in your LW11EXT-64.cfg file to its network share folder AND rewrites ALL paths in a copy of the config to point ALL copied plugins (3rd party and native) to their new network location.