View Full Version : iClone5 PRO and LW11.5

09-02-2013, 05:45 AM
I just bought iClone5 PRO, 3DXchange PRO and also updated my Lightwave to version 11.5.

Now thereīs a huge problem with iClone5 PRO and 3DXchange PRO since the only export function of animated characters seems to work if you are a slave under the Autodesk corporation as a user of either Maya or MAX.

Am I screwed once again because LW is still in itīs own league and the only way to create CA is to start learning stuff I either have interest or time to learn. My goal was just to add a lot of low poly characters in a city scene that was doing what people do at most when they just hang around.


P.S. The Jimmy Rig solution feels like a hoax because years of promises about a release of a pro-version never gets longer than a lot of empty words. D.S.