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11-13-2003, 07:45 AM
After playing in the spreadsheet for a few hours I have a few requests.

This I guess is part of the whole channel and keyframing section and may already be addressed in LW 8

Keyframes, keyframing.

Bones that are locked should not get a keyframe, They should not be be selectable which is the case.

My two thougths on this are that keys are

a: Never generated
b: Added as another option on the keyframing pop-up

Now onto the spreadsheet:

My number one request is to reverse the do you want to apply so we answer YES we want to apply. It is the reverse of rest of the software. Also allow us to hit enter just like we are applying anything else in the software. Having to go over to hit the No button then the apply button is a pain. Just hitting enter to apply it when the message pops up or if it hasn't would be a godsend.

In the spreadsheet timeline allow box selecting (this can probably go for the scene editor as well.) This would allow us to modify the keys on several items at once without the right click, apply selection, adjusting handles route we have to deal with now.

The timeline in it begins hidden but is shown in the manual. Please set it to being open so people know it exists. The manual says it exists. Says it is collapsable... it does not say what button uncollapses it.

The manual does not tell us how to open it. Nor does it give much information on how this is used. There is nothing in the help section on it either. Please add more to either if not both on this tool.

There are many functions in here and there is a message bar that says nothing. Please have the message bar be interactive, telling us what something does when we move the mouse over it. That alone would instantly help us figure things out.

The cells are great. BUT they do not encompass all of the options found for each item. There are half the light controls, half the motion options and so on. Please add alot more to this list of cells to edit.

After playing with the spreadsheet I no longer see a reason for the Scene editor. Alot of the same tools are in here. Colors, locks, texturing and the rest could be added into this one then work could focus here. Alot of the rightclick options could just be buttons on one of the cell lists.(it should default to being on so we can find the controls we are used to seeing.

Selecting something in the spreadsheet should select it the window.

Well that's the stuff i've found so far.


11-13-2003, 10:55 AM
I believe the reason not all the attributes are available is because they aren't available in the SDK. NT are working at expanding the SDK for 8, so hopefully it'll be a lot more complete. Also, they've been putting in more multiediting in the properties panels with each revision, so hopefully most if not all the attributes will be editable there..