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08-27-2013, 01:35 PM

Is there a way to get access to the Rocketbox library content from within Lightwave 9.6 and use Rocketbox pre-animated stuff similar to what MAX and MAYA users do? Baking a CA-animation is a solution, but the question is if or how I import the baked stuff into Lightwave?


Is there a way to get access to iClone´s library content from within Lightwave 9.6 and use iClone´s pre-animated stuff directly in Lightwave? Baking a CA-animation is a solution, but the question is if or how I import the baked stuff into Lightwave?


P.S. Jimmy Rig was a dissappointment since the Jimmy Rig team seems to have dissappeared once and for all! D.S.

08-27-2013, 03:46 PM
For iClone you need to add 3DXchange Pipeline--this module gives you full i/o capabilities between iClone and other 3D applications, including FBX export which should be compatible with LightWave.

I need to add that, even though we have a license of iClone with 3DXchange Pipeline at Little Green Dog, we haven't had time to try it yet.


08-27-2013, 06:28 PM
Thanks! I really appreciate it!

08-27-2013, 07:55 PM
It's been a while, but was FBX in 9.6? And if it was, was it decent? I'm pretty sure it was nothing like what we have now in the current releases.

08-28-2013, 12:04 AM
The native FBX i/o in 9.6 was very frustrating to use, especially for mocap work. Back then, most users relied on the old Autodesk FBX plug-in, which sort of worked for transferring animation but it lacked a lot of features because it was really, REALLY old.

What we have now in Lightwave 11.6 is more robust and much more reliable for transferring animation data, objects, rigs and cameras. I use FBX routinely for moving data between multiple programs including LightWave, Motion Builder, Maya and Fusion, and it works great!


08-28-2013, 12:23 AM
Oh, yeah, to the original poster, there is that one thing to consider: as mentioned above, FBX support in 9.6 was kinda bad for working with mocap. IMO, if your serious about wanting to work with mocap in LightWave, you will probably want to upgrade your LightWave to 11.5. While it's certainly possible to use 9.6, the process was very kludgey and limiting.

At least upgrade 10.1 anyway--that's is what I made 'Happy Box' in. Working with mocap in 10.1 was so much easier than it was in 9.6--in fact, at the time I had become so frustrated with 9.6 that I was prepared to abandon LightWave altogether. Then 10.1 came out and restored my faith in the program, and things just kept getting bettter after that. But if you also intend to use FiberFX and have fast calculating hair dynamics (via Bullet) you'll definitely want to upgrade to 11.5 or higher.


08-28-2013, 01:48 AM
While it's certainly possible to use 9.6, the process was very kludgey and limiting.

Once you've got a workflow down in 9.6, it's pretty straightforward. I did more than 30 minutes of mocap (for two 22 minute episodes) using Motion Builder and 9.6. I did use the older AD plugin (for I believe LW8) and it worked fine for getting animation data from MB to LW. It took a LONG time experimenting but once I got working, I had zero problems. Fortunately LW11 is FAR better since they are apparently working on making LW play better with other applications.

08-28-2013, 03:03 AM
Oh, great to hear that Megalodon!

Unfortunally my earlier requests and hopes for a better CA workflow in old LW wasn´t rewarded with luck... and now when there´s a solution with LW 11.5 my cashflow is suddenly driven into the bottom of dark shadows. Well, betrayals, divorces and crashed finances can kill almost everything but curiosity so I keep my head high and tune my guitar while I try to figure out how to make the workflow in 9.6. functional. If you have any old scenematerial that works ok it would be a cracker in my pipeline.


08-29-2013, 08:09 AM
You guys really convinced me so I resigned and bought me an upgrade to 11.5. Or shall I say I came to my senses :)

08-29-2013, 09:51 AM
I hope the upgrade works out well for you.

IMO, LightWave 11.5 (and 11.6 when it's out of public beta,) is a MAJOR improvement over 9.6 in almost every regard. I can't imagine doing the work I do nowadays with 9.6, at least not in our private studio where the 'crew' is typically just me and Alisa. In 2011, LightWave 10.1 made it possible for us to create 'Happy Box' in an unbelievably short time--the original SD release was created in about five or six weeks working a few hours every evening after coming home from my day job. 'Happy Box' may seem like a simple movie but it was usually just me working on that project and we had an woefully tiny render farm back then--I'm not saying it was easy but 10.1 certainly made it possible for me to meet my deadline. The key advances in 10.1 for me during that period was the improved FBX I/O, the new Skin Material and of course VPR.

11.1 made it possible for me to use FiberFX for several human characters in a big budget production at my former workplace, and the cartoon characters in our new 'Brudders 2' film currently production (http://vimeo.com/channels/littlegreendog/68543424) at Little Green Dog. The addition of Bullet Dynamics and native Instancing was a game changer for our current film--much of the look is heavily driven by these features. 11.5 brought several new modeling tools which keep me working in Modeler more often now and less reliant on third party modeling programs. I found a few issues with 11.5.1 that keep me from using it but the recent 11.6 public beta seems to have fixed those problems.

Overall, the last couple of years with LightWave have made my personal work develop faster and look better, and it's made my professional work easier so I have time to enjoy that 'life' stuff again.

If you're curious about how some of the newer LightWave features are being used at Little Green Dog, check out the 'Brudders 2' production log (http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?133274-The-Brudders-2-Production-Log-%28Well-sort-of-%29) here in these forums.

Good luck and have fun with your upgrade! :)