View Full Version : LoadItemsFromScene crashing Layout

08-27-2013, 10:34 AM
This is weird.

When I use a new scene and LoadItemsFromScene with this file: 116634
then all is fine.

When I use a new scene and first add a Null object
and then LoadItemsFromScene with that same file, Layout simply stops working.

Schematic viewport: 116635

As you can see there are lots of Null items in this scene.
I made it for testing my own script, to make sure it could handle multiple child items with the same name.

If you remove the item (and it's children) from the scene, marked with the white arrow, the problem is removed also.

EDIT: As soon as I remove Null(8) and it's child items (or exclude Null(8) from import) the problem disappears.