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08-26-2013, 06:21 PM
I'm almost there....here are the steps I used to get my character to follow the Kinect, with a bit "stair-steppy" deforming, especially when the arms are at my side.

1) Load the character into Modeller
2) Add the Genoma Nevron preset
3) Adjust body (points) of rig to match character
4) adjust arrows for finger direction
5) Export to Layout
6) Set object’s subpatch level to 1
7) Change view mode to bounding box to speed things up
8) Choose Setup-> Genoma-> Create Rig to create the Genoma rig.
9) Go back to textured view (no more bounding box)
10) Set bone x-ray
11) Test the green controllers to make sure they deform the character
12) Save the scene if the previous steps are working well.

(this really is a good place to save)

13) Make sure the Kinect is functioning properly in the Device Manager (status should be ready on the Kinect_A device and when you click the open, you should see the Kinect view and the Kinect skeleton)
14) Load the Kinect_Skeleton.lws scene to test out whether or not Layout enables the Kinect to modify the skeleton.
15) Load objects from scene – use the Kinect skeleton scene
16) Access the Studio window by going to Virtual Studio->Studio.
17) Click the Active and LIVE! Buttons.
18) Test the Kinect, if all is working the green skeleton bones will move as you move.
19) Now reload your scene (from step 12). (Note: Steps 14-18 may not be necessary when things stabilize in the future)
20) Now choose the “Load Items From Scene” menu option and choose the Kinect_Skeleton.lws scene and load based on the defaults (don’t load camera’s, lights which by default are unselected)
21) Verify again that if you go to Studio and click Active and LIVE! that the green skeleton will move with your movements.
22) Select one of the Kinect_Source_Rig bones, then go to the Items menu -> Select -> All -> Select All Bones of Current Object
23) Turn the Active and LIVE! buttons off.
24) Select one of the green (Kinect) skeleton bones.
25) Use the menu option Items->Select->All->Select All Bones of Current Object
26) Click the “y” then “n” to edit the rotations of the bones, setting the heading, pitch and bank to 0. (these seem to already be at 0, but do it anyway)
27) Adjust the green Kinect skeleton’s size by selecting the master Kinect skeleton’s null (Master_SKL_Global_0 in this case) and adjusting the scale and position.
28) Adjust the character using the green controls so that the character roughly matches the Kinect skeleton
Note: the skeleton is not in a very good T-pose, which may be part of the problem.
29) Access the Nevron Motion, panel. Since the Kinect skeleton is prefixed with “SKL0_” then specify SKL0_ in the Text input box and click the Source Modifier drop down box and choose the “Add Prefix” button.
30) Click the “Retarget” button. (Magenta boxes should appear)
31) Click the LIVE! and Active buttons.

Almost there, except for some stair-steppy deformation happening....

08-28-2013, 01:44 PM
Thanks snsmoore It seems your not the only one with issues. Lino, what was left out here? We know that the "stair steppy" deforming is not appropriate nor "good enough". When can we expect a video showing the workflow of the Kinect and Nevron?

snsmoore this is a great step by step, if everyone else get's same/similar results there must be something we are not figuring out..surely. Please help Lino!!! :)

08-29-2013, 11:55 AM
Yeah, I'd be curious what results others get from the steps above or there are areas people see that I could have missed.

note: I didn't use weight maps, might try that this weekend.


09-01-2013, 06:00 AM
yeah, me too!

the workflow for this tool is a little jankie.

09-02-2013, 08:20 PM
Tried another test today to see if recorded motions on the Kinect Skeleton exhibit the same behavior as the live Kinect capturing and indeed they do. So there must be some general issues with the Kinect skeleton when mapping them in Nevron.

From other examples it seems like manual retargeting using other types of motion capture files seem to be working. I need to try an example using some other capture source. (need to search for some good capture samples)


09-03-2013, 02:51 AM
Okay... I've got the Kinect hooked up, got the retargeting down pat, BUT...

I cannot get the dash naggit kinect skelegons to work! I think I've tried everything that I possible could.

What are the steps to get the Kinect to drive the skeletons in Layout?


09-04-2013, 01:43 AM
Among the videos we're making, one will explain the Kinect/Nevronmotion workflow (and of course the final docs will deal with it). ;)

09-04-2013, 02:42 AM
Among the videos we're making, one will explain the Kinect/Nevronmotion workflow (and of course the final docs will deal with it). ;)

Lino, all I will need is a simple set of instructions. Please. Simple! ;-)

Thanks a bunch!

09-04-2013, 01:42 PM

Even if you could look at my steps at the beginning of this thread and point out what I may be missing that would be great!


09-07-2013, 05:41 PM
ok I can get it to drive the character but he flys around the scene rather than follow the Kinect Data after I have targeted