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08-26-2013, 05:36 PM
Hey Guys...

i know, there is already a thread about it (in Archiv) - but I still wish to have it...

In the good old Lightwave 6.5 there was a free Shaderplugin - which maked it possible to turn a Polygon to a light by Surface...

I know some wayīs to fake it:
- with Luminous and Gi
- with Glowing Effect
- with NGONīs
- with well placed lightīs

Instead to this methods, the old plugin was really fast und exact - easy to set up und have given a lovley light effekt... - it saved me a lot of time...

Without it - Lightsetup is horrible... it would be amazing, if someone have the skills to write that plugin aggain...


08-26-2013, 05:40 PM
These help?


08-26-2013, 05:58 PM
I will create a scene file to place the light at point in the current layer.

This allows you to convert an object with a colour Vmap into an array of coloured lights at it's vertices.

Thanks for your reply - but itīs not what i "search" for..... - i need a "shader" - and i have spend last three dayīs to search it... - the old plug i meant is lost in time and space and altough not compatible with "higher" builds than 6.5 - but maybe someone already wrote a clone of it - or have the skills to write this "must have" plug - thats the reason - i post here...

Here is a pic... the blue light came from that shader...

08-26-2013, 06:42 PM
It's not DPLight is it?

08-26-2013, 07:03 PM
No, the light came from the polys itself - just by adding the shader under the surface tab... as example - when i like to set a scene with street lights - i donīt wanne place a pointlight at each bulb (i did that in the past - and itīs horrible,,,) - i just wanna have the option back to say: Hey, all my Bulbs - youīre a light NOW :) - but i didnīt have the old plugin anymore (im sure, i delete it because it wasnīt compatible...)

but maybe DP Custom light do the same - i have to check it....

Update: Checked

DP Custom light just give the Option to make a Layer to an Arealight... - it have to be placed an donīt make the poly to be the light itself...

when u have a empty box (easy room) and no active light in the scene - and u put a little box in it (easy light bulb) - then this poly have to be seen - it has to light up the room and give some shadows in corners, etc (like when u are at home an turn on the light)

(in old Version with this Lost plugin) - i just add the shader (and 2 klicks config)

Now: I have to make the bulp glowing and luminius, have to place a light (with the problem that the shape dosnīt fit) and have to activate Illumination

Iīm not sure if u or someone else see this big differnce - espially if u like to make a scene with many lights - in different positions/angels,e.g.

Only a "LightShader" can do this well...

thx anyway

08-26-2013, 08:54 PM
Cant' you use luxigons? If you're familiar with them, select the surfaces you want to be lights and select "Add Luxigon" in Modeler. Then in Layout, you can use "Convert Luxigons" to turn them into lights.

08-26-2013, 09:54 PM
Did u see that blue illuminated pic on the wall ? - in the front the light just darker cause there is kind of glas bevore - so the backplate is the light - even on the top - there is some indirect light caming through this space i have left to the wall... - and this indirect poly light give the hohle room a soft blue touch.... an array of lights - like i could do with luxigons - donīt do this... at all...

08-26-2013, 10:03 PM
I don't quite understand your posts, looks like you're translating to English from another language. Anyway, hope you find a solution.

08-26-2013, 10:09 PM
I'm curious about this plugin as well. Version 6.5 was so long ago we better hope someone on here recognizes what plugin you're describing. :-)

08-27-2013, 08:11 AM
ahhhh common guys... - i know my english isnīt perfect - but its not as bad - that you canīt understand me...

-> Surface Editor (F5) -> Shaders -> Add Shader -> Lost Plugin -> Light Properties Panel

You can see that effect - in the picture iīve posted... (the shader was activated at 2 Polygons) - and give that white room a blue touch with indirect lightning... (No Glow Effect, No Loumenosity, No Light was added there... - no Ngon, No Luxigon just a shader...)

The name of that plugin was just simple like: Poly to Light, or Lightshader, or something similar... - maybe it was just an lscript...

Somebody here have to remember that plugin.... it was very useful...

... here is a older Post, with same Problem http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?118941-How-do-I-turn-an-object-into-a-light/page3 - maybe his english was altough bad - cause nobody unterstand him ;)

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08-27-2013, 09:02 AM
Never heard of this, sounds very interesting. Sounds like a polygon based area light. Was it fast? Did it need radiosity to be on?

08-27-2013, 10:28 AM
It was absolut amazing fast and no Global Illumination was needed.... - the light type was chooseable (i prefer Domelights with 2% Angel - cause Area lights give to much Shadow fuzziness - and distant light a to strong shadow)

- what u mean with "gradients" VonBon ?

08-27-2013, 10:53 AM

08-27-2013, 03:00 PM
Seems to me the DP Custom Light really is what you want. Even though Denis' description says "area light", it is that it isn't a point or a spot. It is created from the mesh of the object chosen. No, it doesn't do it by surface, so that you can globally change everything having that surface with one click. You have to have a separate object and the whole thing becomes a light in that shape. So, if you have a light bulb object and use DP Custom, the bulb will be a light source shaped like a bulb. Just a different way of getting to the same end. I do see that the shader approach would be beneficial in the situation you describe. Hope you find something that does work this way.

Also note that many times a plugin will have been written for a certain version of LW that is now fairly far back in time but it still may work in later versions; especially Lscripts. It's just that the developer ceased work on it at that point. I have quite a few that are v8.x or older and they work in 11.x.

08-27-2013, 03:14 PM
- what u mean with "gradients" VonBon ?

After re-reading your post I was thinking of something else.

08-29-2013, 05:13 AM
i can confirm that dp custom light should do what you are requesting. i used it a few days ago in a stiil after searching for a similar solution. use is straight forward, just select any object in your scene in the popup menu, that's it. the object must be active, so better make it invisible to camera and not make it generate shadows etc if you just want to have the lighting effect.

the other 'simple' solution would be obviously to use radiosity and make the geometry luminous.

08-30-2013, 06:03 PM
Ok Guyīs i know u mean it well, but - this isnīt what i ask for... Like i wrote in the first post... i am able to "fake" it... - but the Rendering Time slows down so much when i have to use DP or GI that i made this thread here to ask for a rewriting of that fast solution i already have had in the past... - maybe it was that "lampy" plugin... - i have to check the download site, if there is a old lw version to test it...

As i said, this post isnīt written to find a slow fake solution, - cause i really need to downsize the rendertime... thx