View Full Version : Intermittant skeleton "jumbling" when recording motions

08-25-2013, 03:49 PM
I logged a fogbugz report on this, but thought I'd share in case this is driving anyone else crazy.


When recording motions using the Kinect, if the subject is out of view at the time the recording starts, the motion will be recorded with occasional jumbled frames throughout the capture.

Steps to Recreate:

1) Load the Kinect_Skeleton.lws scene.
2) Access the Studio window by going to Virtual Studio->Studio.
4) Click the Active and LIVE! Buttons.
5) Test the Kinect, if all is working the green skeleton bones will move as you move.
6) Make sure your current frame is 0 and then click the play button on the lower right of the screen(to activate recording).
7) Run in front of your Kinect camera and move around to record the motions.
8) Now play the recorded motions.

Expected Results: The motions should appear without the skeleton reverting to a "crumpled" state, except when the subject is outside the Kinect view.

Actual Results: Every 30-50 frames, the skeleton reverts to a "crumpled" state, as if the subject was outside the view of the Kinect.

Workaround: Have a 2nd person click the record (play) button, while the subject is already in and recognized by the Kinect. (see below) (you may actually need to have the 2nd person click the Live and Active buttons of the Studio screen before the subject is in the view of the Kinect)