View Full Version : MMB Select option inside Modeler

11-13-2003, 04:18 AM
I wish selection of points and faces in Modeler could be made more "dynamic". Currently you can't alter selection by way of the mouse if a tool is active, causing some rather bad workflow, especially for repetetive tasks and when tweaking (, having to switch the same tools on and off). This is rather sad as there doesn't seem to be any core issues that would stand in the way of a more dynamic way of selection - Expand and Contract selection works just fine when tools are active. What is lacking is simply a different/better mapping of the mouse buttons so one is free to always deal with selection.

Personally, I could do with a MMB Select option simular to what Layout offers, with CTRL as the hotkey for lasso selection. This way one mouse button is designated to only deal with selection, making things pretty straight forward. If this could be expanded to work inside of the GraphEditor (currently using LMB for select and RMB draging for Box select for some odd reasons) aswell, the ways of selection would be alot more uniform across of all of LW making it slightly easier when moving from one enviroment to another. But the best solution for all would obviously be full freedome for hotkeys, mouse buttons and combos to be assigned to all kinds of functions. Vertex Paint already allows for remapping of the mouse keys and combos through drop down menus and perhaps something simular or better could be made for Modeler (and Layout).