View Full Version : SImple way to make Audio Lipsyning

11-13-2003, 02:13 AM

I would like a better way to use the lw_audio_channel.

Basically more controls.
And an easier way to make the audio

Basically, I want to use the audio to drive
say a light or line that comes on and off to an audio file. (robot mouth, like bender, or jetsons robot)

But say the audio is noisy, the results are very fast blips of light on and off, and not very convinceing. (tweaking it with filter, and the other controls never really work right. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.) I try to route that channel through an expression, but
i'm not that good at math, and basiclly, I have to make a special file, that is seperate from the sound file, a lw sound file. It's heavily filtererd in another audio program. But that seems to work better.


11-19-2003, 04:00 PM
Maby this?

Take audio wave to a program that shows the wave and is able to expand.( I use Sound Forge).
Do a screen grab ( I have 2 monitors so I can get a fairly large file pic, but still can be done well with 1 monitor).

Take the resulting screen grab into modeler and place points on the screen grab where ya want keys.
Make that into a motion file and save.

then in layout use that motion file to drive light brightness, or a bouncing ball.