View Full Version : Make DSK overlay transparent

08-21-2013, 11:24 AM
Maybe this is common knowledge and I'm the last guy to figure this out, or maybe it will help some folks, I dunno ;-)

A client hands you a USB stick with their company logo file on it at the last minute, and they want it to appear as a "bug" on their live stream. Bugs are usually semi-transparent to make them less distracting. You could take the image into Photoshop and add transparency and save out as a 32-bit file to maintain the alpha, then Import into TC. If you have SpeedEdit installed on TC, maybe do it their as well. But time constraints, and the fact that you need to exit TC to do this, can make it impossible.

So try this - put your logo in the graphics bin, or frame buffer or wherever you want to stash it, and assign it it to DSK2. Position, size, and crop as needed. Now select DSK2 with FADE transition, and move T-bar until desired level of logo transparency is reached and stop. Finally, select BKGD or DSK1 and the DSK2 transition will be "frozen" right where you left it, mid-transition! As long as you don't hit TAKE or AUTO for DSK2, the overlay will sit there with your transparency applied.

Maybe you'll find other creative uses for this. I always demonstrate making a quick "bug" during demos (resize and position) and often get asked "can you add transparency?" and now I can say YES!


Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers