View Full Version : Tricaster TC40 Template work-a-round

Podcast Bob
08-21-2013, 10:27 AM
I've read here a few people have been frustrated (like me) with the lack of template features on the Tricaster, and I just thought I would share my solution if no one else has found it.

I'm running my TC40 with an external 'E' drive and use that as my 'Session' and 'Project' master, trying not to save anything on the TC40 D drive.

On the 'E' I've set up a Session called 'Master Template' with all the appropriate settings for cameras, audio, graphics and so on.

I then log out of Tricaster mode to Windows mode and copy the whole 'Master Template' folder over to the D drive into the unused sessions folder. (It can be anywhere really i guess)

So when I boot up the TC40 for the next video, I simply drop into Windows, copy over the 'Master Template' folder into the Sessions folder on my E drive, open up Tricaster, 'Edit' the name to the new Video title and then bingo, up comes all the settings and graphics as I need them.

Not sure if that is a help to anyone, but it has saved me loads of time.