View Full Version : Add ability to insert multiple audio clips

Ryan Roye
08-15-2013, 11:49 AM
When doing anything involving dialogue, it would be incredibly convenient if one could load multiple clips into the timeline. Soundwave used to be a solution to this, but it is quite broken and barely usable now.

Currently, the only workable way I can see that concerns pairing character animation with dialogue involves chopping up each segment into its own file, loading each piece and animating through them one at a time. It is a destructive workflow and one loses their ability to preview the animation with audio derived from earlier clips in the timeline. Animators don't always know exactly how long a character's physical actions will take, so it isn't as simple a matter as just throwing together all the clips and loading it in.

Being able to load multiple clips would go a long way to help character animators work faster.