View Full Version : Future Wishlist

08-14-2013, 10:41 PM
Hi guys,
here's some future wishlist add-on and menu functions for lightwave3d:

1- It's a help for animators that a new feature be added in lightwave's power tools which i'm hoping that these feature maybe included too. The syncroniztion of supported footage/image sequences within the layout UI (be place under the VPR feature) as reference window showing in sync whether in AVI, quicktime, mpeg, realplayer and any similar video formats. Animators has the ability to scrab the timeline in easy view (back-and-forth) in sycronized fashion. Instead of view the reference video into another monitor, the said added future feature is on side-to-side with the current workflow in animation mode. Giving a much ease of use to keep certain animators to access quicklywith the refernce video.

2- Second, having a FILE CONTAINER.
Container is a group file information for all the assets involve within the group. Since layout has a parenting thru collapse feature, it's still not a clear and not neat of re-grouping your assets into one. Unlike having a container, we could open the container and get some information like an asset you wanted to pull out (copy/paste & save to another filename) and then close it when done.

1- Realtime plugin preview, like in the case of bandsaw. Having a realtime preview cause us to have a better view what is currently in effect to our slice added edges rather guessing in the parameter without the actual & precise effect and we sometime get a trial and error mode. Application to all plugin.

2- Symmetry / Mirror X, Y & Z mode in realtime mode. For now the only available feature is X axis only.

3- More infos and understanding on genoma presets especially those colored coded skelegons. Hope we can also see a feature on facial expression controller node presets too. Cool way to retarget rig for facial rigging. :)