View Full Version : TAFA integration and animation in layers please

08-11-2013, 11:59 AM

I came back to Lightwave and upgraded to 11.5 after studying other 3D software. One of the things we're missing is an animation layer system, so you can layer non destructive animation. XS* has such a system. I would also like to see Timothy Alby Facial Animation integrated in Chronosculpt or Lightwave. There is no such software around that does lipsync so well as TAFA. I've tried the demo and it's a real quick and fun way to do facial animation. You'll beat the competition with street lengths if you do this. I would also like to see the development of a specialized render for rendering fiberfx hair and particles fast. Most other packages have a specialized render engine for this. A scene layer system would also be a nice addition for

If you could integrate TAFA and the animation layer system, Lightwave would become the king of character animation for me. Then I can forget about progamming in XS*.

08-11-2013, 12:54 PM
The reason TAFA is so fast is because it isn't integrated into LW. You can export point cache from TAFA that can be used in CS or anywhere else that reads mdd. I think fuller support of Alembic is the best option because that is a universal format designed to bring all animation and rendering software closer together. So in a way NT is granting your request in that they will bring Alembic into 11.6 this year. Just need to get TAFA on board with that too, enabling faster loading of point cache and object files together.

Animation layers are best for non destructive editing so I agree with that request all the way. But there are rigs available that permit a layered approach to animation in a matter of speaking. Namely rhiggit FBX and the nevron motion rigs.