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08-04-2013, 08:21 AM
How do I INDIVIDUALLY offset the start frame of multiple MDDs assigned to different objects in the MDD-Multi-Loader plugin (LW 11.5.1)?

I can certainly set the Frame Offset field in the plugin, BUT it seems to be a GLOBAL setting, because it STAYS THE SAME when selecting each object! I NEED to change it for each object. No, NOT randomly. Very specific amounts. I'm instancing this object with baked MDD deforms, but frame offset in LW Instancing does not affect MDD data, thus I've cloned the object twice more (to which I want to offset the MDD start time) so I have three objects in LW Instancing that are randomly placed on emitted particles and thus have three motion timing variations.

I tried using the MDD-Reader displ plugin on each object and can indeed offset the MDD playback on a PER OBJECT basis, BUT, MDD-Reader DOES NOT work with screamernet as noted in a few threads here (yes, MDDs are in the 'VertCache' folder).

I was hoping that MDD-Multi-Loader would work over screamernet, but I can't even test this because of the apparent lack of per object MDD frame offset.

08-04-2013, 08:37 AM
DANG! This isn't going to work either. Gahhhh!!

Multi-loader simply adds and activates the screamernet-incompatible MD_Reader displ plugin for each object. Back to square one.

OK, so HOW do you get MD_Reader to SEE MDD files over screamernet? I use UNC paths on my little render farm and do not want to set up a mapped drive if at all possible, cuz everything works just peachy via BNR using UNC.

08-04-2013, 10:12 AM
The following is probably quite relevant! DUH! (didn't see this cuz I had BNR running LWSN as a service, so no shell window, but I disabled that and ran LWSN normally).

LSWN log...

Loading plug-in
Plug-in class "DisplacementHandler" name "MD_Plug" slot 1
Error: Cannot load external plug-in file <\\chrusionfx\D\Lightwave11_x64\support\plugins\ani mate\MD2000.p>.
Plug-in failed!

Ummm... excuse me, but WHY? The file certainly IS there EXACTLY as specified and ALL the OTHER plugins load fine from all the other folders in "\\chrusionfx\D\Lightwave11_x64\support\plugins\"

Edit: Ignore the forum added spaces in the paths... NOT the way they are in edit mode.

08-04-2013, 11:29 AM
Yes... I'm talking to myself again... :-P

Found this on BNR FAQ...

"If you are having issues with plugins not loading on the rendernode machines [like MD2000.p] - please confirm your have installed the vs2008 redist sp1 file on all the rendernode machines. This update is required for LWSN. You can find this file in the folder where Lightwave is installed."

Confirmed... not on my render nodes. Finding and installing now. But, really, no immediate need to as I'm using a faster, easier work around... using offset keyframed animated clones of my object with inertia displ plugin. Works via net render.

Aggravating that I didn't figure this out earlier and instead went down the MDD path as the solution to using frame offset in Instancing on deformed objects where the deforms (inertia plugin) were not being offset as well, thus baking motion and offsetting time there. Ugh. Thanks for listening. Some may benefit in the future.