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07-31-2013, 11:28 AM
I'm posting my bat file that makes use of the shortcut editor (it's towards the bottom of the page mentioned in the Read_Me.txt, Shortcut v1.11) to edit existing shortcuts. My bat file prompts you for the version of LightWave that you want to create shortcuts for and will edit template versions to make the appropriate versions. I redirect my config and ext files and with the use of the Shortcut.exe program and my bat file this is handled automatically. I figured this little helper may help those of you who have multiple versions of LW installed.

In my bat file you have an option to make a clone of existing shortcuts. I make cloned versions of my shortcuts whenever I'm working a freelance project. This way I have configs that always use the proper content directory. Just bear in mind that to make clones you have to have your original versions first because it copies your original config file to a clone directory. This way all your menu and hotkey prefs still exist. The clone also uses the same ext file as the parent so your plug-in listing should be the same. The only reason to make a clone would be to have a different Content directory than your normal use of LW.

This also works with versions prior to LW10. Just keep in mind that with 10 the default install folder is different. LW9 installs to a folder called "LightWave 3D 9" whereas 10 installs to "LightWave10". Just change the name of the 9 folder. You'll also need to change the name of the Layout exe file for LW9. In LW9 it's called lightwav whereas in 10 it's called Layout. The bat file accounts for the difference between the Programs and bin folder that LW9 and 10 use now so you shouldn't have to worry about that.

Hopefully this is of some use to some of you. I have a more robust version at work that creates a whole set for my animation team so automating this task has been very nice.

The bat file itself should be easy to follow, even if you don't have any programming experience. If anyone has any problems, suggestions or comments feel free to reach out.