View Full Version : Nevronmotion feature request

07-25-2013, 09:00 PM
Just bought Nevronmotion for my own use, but I am able to run an Optitrack system where I work. Since Nevronmotion is a beta and possible for features to be considered for the next revision, would it be possible to offer some support for other mocap systems, like the Optitrack?

Obviously, a more pressing concern is to fully bugfix the software as it is, and also to just start considering dual kinects, but it is something that I think should be considered. Probably for version 2, or even 1.5 if you guys are feeling plucky.

Have a look at the IKinema plugin for Maya, and work with the Optitrack people to see if you can get their streaming engine from their Motive software to drive Nevronmotion.

07-26-2013, 12:38 AM
I'm not sure if you can do the dual Kinects thing in real time.

Two Kinects, any necessary drivers, a program linking the two streams of data, Lightwave... that's allot of data to contend with in 1/30 of a second.

Still, doesn't hurt to ask! ;-)

PS. you do realize that we are like the worst children in the world.
LWG- "Hey, we have a magic box that can look at you and put your motions in to this other box that builds wondrous worlds for less than $2000!"
Us - "Yeah, nice. But, could you make it just a little more magical?"
We'd better watch it, or they'll just stop doing it. ;-)