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07-24-2013, 02:10 PM
Ok, first of all I'm mainly a photographer. And I'm on the route to learn lightwave because I want to be able to add more "impact" on my images. Since I work from I wake up to I go to bed, time is costly for me.
So I need to find a way to save time on rendering, often I render images that needs to be around 21mpix.

My main computer has I7 2600k @ 4,7ghz. 16gig av ram etc.

Since I really can't wait to much on rendertimes I was thinking of either upgrading my studio computer or go with the octane sulotion and buy couple of nvidia cards. I have been trying to find info about the speed on this, and some says it is way faster, and other have stated that its really not that much faster then cpu rendering. Put mostly post that is relevant for lightwave is like 2 years or older.

I don't do to much voxel effects etc, but sometimes yes.

Here is some what I hvave used with the little 3d knowledge I got.




So not that advance stuff, put painfully long to render :P

11-27-2014, 12:58 AM
Hehey! Old post, but not often you see fellow Norwegians using LightWave!

Did you get Octane already?

I can't say I have tested huge resolutions like render for use at 21mpx, but I'd be happy to help you out and give it a spin. I have two GTX Titans ready to rumble. Would you be willing to share one of those scenes you show in your post?