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07-24-2013, 12:17 AM
20 minutes ago I was enjoying a tutorial on Digital Tutors about Pixel Bender. In fact, I was getting excited at the thought of making my own sliders. The tutorial was using Adobe CS4. That shouldn't be a problem, I thought. Surely Adobe had kept such a great feature in CS6.

Um. No. They dropped it in CS6.


Great. I've spent energy and time trying to learn something of value. Then Adobe ruins it.


My point for every developer in Newtek is that this is how NOT to treat customers. It is a top down "we know what is good for you" and "we place no value in your curiosity and intelligence as a software user".

I would plead to Newtek with any of their products such as Lightwave to see us for what we are. We are the smartest customers. We are the most intelligent. We are the most hard working. We are the most curious. We want to go under the hood of your programs. We want to make our own modules. We want to make the software into what WE want it to be. Whether that is by Lscript, python or by doing something else. We are the "adults" of a 21st century world; we want to take responsibility for a program like Lightwave.

Please never treat us like mushrooms to be kept in the dark. Leave that to Adobe. I didn't know about pixelbender until yesterday. Now I understand why some posters have been fed fed up with Adobe for a few years. I have to conclude that Adobe has made CS6 worse than CS5!!!! If I want a program so that I can make my own GUI stuff and add it on for more functionality, then CS5 was a lot better!!!!!!

Does Lightwave have a SDK? I think that it does. I just found folder called lightwave_sdk on my PC.

I only bought lightwave a few weeks ago. I want to become a self-starting user who uses the SDK to add on things. I hope that Newtek allows me to do that.

07-24-2013, 12:37 AM
A lot of great plugins exist because of LightWave's sdk whether it be scripts or compiled plugins.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with, provided you want to share with the community, either as free or commercial.

07-24-2013, 12:39 AM
I hope so as well. I intend to use lightwave for the long haul. For the next 5 years at least. One of my main interests is its integration with Zbrush. That is a great feature.

Thanks for the reply.

I've found the community here to be great. It's intelligent. It's got some of the smartest people that I've come across. I would absolutely want to share anything that I did with the community.