View Full Version : Changing a Session's Format Without Recreating It From Scratch

07-14-2013, 10:08 AM
Not sure if this is a generally well known procedure but we discovered something useful on our Gfinity.net live stream this weekend.

If, in Windows Explorer, you go to the Sessions directory and select the session file under the session's name and open it in a text editor you can edit the format="" argument to change the session's format - which saves having to re-create a session if you have populated a session in one format and then discover it needs to be something different.

We had spent lots and lots of hours building complex 1080p30 sessions on five machines this weekend only to realise after finishing the process that our encoders didn't like 1080p30 and we needed to be in 1080i60. We didn't have the time to re-create the sessions so looked around and found the above trick.

The only reason we thought to look at the session file is that NewTek were in a couple of weeks ago and showed us how to review the session log file - which you will find for the last session in Tricaster/Bin64/Logs - and which references the Session file when it gets read on session start up