View Full Version : art as life - 3D and CG

07-13-2013, 02:05 AM
For a lot of my life I had the stereotype of a creative person as being a dreamy-eyed space cadet. They would have blended in at Woodstock.

But the more that I have got into 2D, and now 3D, graphics and CG design, the more of an opposite perspective occurs to me. An artist has to be in touch with reality. Every curve, every shade of colour, every nuance in the world should be absorbed. No human experience is ever wasted. A game of football should be absorbed for the subtleties of human movement for animation. A train's careering along the tracks should be watched with absolute attention.

It strikes me as a life without boredom. It should be a world outside of a computer monitor. So that we can bring the world into the monitor and then back out again into the eyes and ears of world.

That is what it is to me - this life of creation that many of us do in a paid or hobbyist capacity.

So is it art? Or is it life? I say that it is both.