View Full Version : Render challenge, ACCEPTED!

07-11-2013, 06:27 PM
Would love to see what the Lightwave community can do with this scene since it is going to be used in the next VRay 3.0 demos at Siggraph this year apparently.

So anyone have MAX/VRay and can convert this to Lightwave through say .fbx?? There is a link to download the source files and it looks like they have textures, 4 scenes and some screenshots of max's viewport with the scene loaded for reference. I would think we would just need a scene file and the object(s) since the textures everyone can download from the site. Oh and whoever converts the files over can you do a rendering strait out of MAX/VRay for both the Day and Night and post along with the files? Don't want to try and match a rendering that has been PhotoShop'ed.


The challenge should be the Day and Night rendering looking close or better than what is rendered strait out of Max/VRay. Part two would be create your own look for the scene. Post your images. Would be interesting to see render times, render info, GI numbers, etc.