View Full Version : Realistic Goal for Real Flow 2013 Demo Edition?

06-27-2013, 10:20 AM
I've been toying with the Demo Edition of Real Flow 2013 as well as the RK plugins being installed in Lightwave 11.5 and want to know if my goal is realistic or is the Demo Edition not capable of producing a usable end product.

Take a logo mesh and drop it into a Domain of water. Logo is 1' in real world size and should create a realistic splash into a foot of water. Stay at that location (depth) for 20seconds then re-animate back to it's starting position, viewed as a top view looking down.
Next take this animation into LW11.5 so as to light and render.

Is this a realistic goal given the state of RealFlow 2013, the Render Kit for Lightwave and the limitations of the Demo Edition? If realistic, is it also something simple enough I could pay someone to create without becoming too expensive (spec job for existing client so if it does not find it's way into use, I won't be billing for it)?

That the end LW animation will have a shelf life due to this Demo Edition starting point. Or that Real Flow 2013 is not ready for prime time and maybe we'll have to wait till a future version. Or that the only real way to do this is pony up big bucks and buy the full version?

Any comments from those that have experience with Real Flow?