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06-03-2013, 03:35 PM
We have a 450 Extreme and are looking to setup a way for another operator to run commercials and other videos during our shows and feed them into the Tricaster with iVGA Pro since both of our DDR's are tied up with other things.

Could we run something like ProPresenter on a laptop with iVGA Pro and send the HD Video & Audio feed across the network to the Tricaster? Do you think we would need a second screen physically connected to the laptop or does iVGA Pro have the ability to appear as a virtual second monitor to the laptop?

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06-04-2013, 12:17 AM
That could work. I'd bench test it. My big concern is frame rate. I can't always get ivga to work at a full 30fps.

But why not go dvi-to-sdi (plenty of converters) and just go in as a regular input? Are both ddr's and all camer inputs used? Or... If your show isn't too complex, you could get a dvi-to-HDcomponent adapter and sub-switch an SDI input to component for roll-ins. We do the computer-to-Sdi or component thing all the time. Much more solid than ivga.

06-04-2013, 08:06 AM
iVGA Pro will only send the screens that are connected to your laptop/desktop. If you want to have the ProPresenter interface on one display and the output on the second, you will still need two monitor connected so that Windows will see that there are two displays (iVGA Pro itself will not make Window's think there is an second displays on its own). In one case, I just connected both outputs from the desktop computer to the two inputs on the back of a monitor, I only needed to see the primary displays and by connecting the port on the graphics card to the same monitor, it made the second display active.

I've gotten 30fps per second playback as long as I'm using gigabit Ethernet between the iVGA Pro system and the TriCaster. Anything lower than that, and I've had problems from time to time (even wireless N won't always keep up). Do make sure the computer you are using iVGA Pro has better than minimum spec CPU and GPU in it for the application you are using with it. If the application can barely play 30fps video on its own, then don't expect iVGA Pro work any better since you are now making the system do more than it was before iVGA Pro was running on it.

06-04-2013, 05:08 PM
Good points from you both. Thanks for the input. Just trying to keep from tying up an input to get more video rolling into the system. Sounds like a test is in order with a strong machine to see how it goes.

06-13-2013, 09:30 AM
(iVGA Pro itself will not make Window's think there is an second displays on its own).

.. But it would be really cool if it did. :)

09-14-2013, 11:54 AM
Why not just switch to the net input 1 or 2. why does it need to be in the ddr? seems complicated if you add the net input to the ddr.