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05-23-2013, 01:08 PM
So our company is looking at getting the 8000. It is great but has a few small hold ups that I feel may keep us from actually purchasing this flagship model.

1. So it has lots of outputs! That's great except that even though output 1 & 2 can be assigned anything (MEs included!), the rest have to be what you chose from Output 1 or 2 or the cameras. I would like to see the MEs or at least the clean feed to be available for at least one more output (preferrably more than 1).

2. So not every recording device or stream or Video Teleconference (VTC) engine should get the same graphics package or feed. I would like to see:

a. the ability to make an ME follow the switching of the program (i.e. I press cam5 to program and I have chosen ME8 to follow so it will put cam5 into input A). Since the MEs can be sent to an output, this would allow me to have 2 identical recordings but with different graphics packages or with small graphicly diffrent options (open captions being a big one)

b. the stream be selectable for something other then Program. I might want my program to go out to VTC but an ME or the clean feed to stream.

3. The presets for the User Interface are great but most of my shows don't require that much stuff. I'd love to see the presets remain an option but be able to customize the size shape and positioning of the windows/sections myself. Example, I have a 45" monitor in front of me that works great for the Tricaster but is mounted a little high for my taste. That means that the program/preview/cameras/inputs are even that much farther away from me. I'd like to move them to the bottom of the UI but can't. I would also love to be able to pick which audio channels I need to see. By no means does the audio have to take up the entire bar if I'm only using two inputs and only have the master and stream audios to monitor...let me slim that down or tear the audio off and put it on my second monitor.

05-23-2013, 01:18 PM
2 more things:

1. If I'm remembering correctly, for recordings you can only record Output1, Output2 or cameras. Why can't I just record anything?

2. Why can't I record a WMV and stream an FLV at the same time?

05-23-2013, 02:04 PM
If I understand correctly what you describe, you can do the 'ME follow the main switcher bus' today (#2A on your first list). You can set the color groups for both the main bus and the ME bus to match, when one switches, the other will follow. Just be aware that the bus that that follows will only perform cut transitions.

The color groups can be set with the drop down triangle found at the left side of the main PGM/Preview channel and the ME's A/B/C/D channel.

05-28-2013, 02:43 PM
Thanks Kane! That is great news! I actually got a call from my sales rep today to tell me the same thing. One down! :)