View Full Version : Feature Request - Multi Bitrate and Multiple Entry Points

05-22-2013, 10:37 AM
Before purchasing several 40's I was using the Flash encoder to test with our CDN. Our CDN allows for multi-bitrate streaming and for a primary and backup entry point. Imagine my surprise when I fired up our first 40 and brought up the Flash encoder (which seems like a scaled down version of the free 3.2 encoder) only to find that there is no support for multi-bitrate streaming and only one entry point. Why? Redundancy is key to live production, and only having one entry point is deadly. Not to mention that if I happen to have the bandwidth why can't I stream multiple streams? Why would such a common feature be "removed"?

Please, as it ALREADY exists in the free Flash encoder, put multi-bitrate streaming and primary and back up entry points into your encoder.

Ref: Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2