View Full Version : using bullet to pour liquid

05-12-2013, 01:16 PM
look at my setup. I have particles in 1 mug, and a 2nd mug to catch the particles. How would I set up Bullet so the particles fall from the upper mug into the lower mug.


05-12-2013, 05:27 PM
I don't think the Lightwave particle system works with bullet, you have to create the actual geometry to fill your glass.


05-12-2013, 06:08 PM
cool......I guess I'll use a tool like spray points to make a bunch of 1 point polys, make them Hypervoxels and try to make gravity pull them down. Thanks I'll give it a try.

05-13-2013, 03:09 PM
Yeah...particles doesnīt work with bullet dynamics for that sort of stuff, I can only hope they implement particles to work with bullet

The old hardFX and collision system works with particles though, so that might be more suitable for liquids and hypervoxels.
For the record..the particle system is quite old and so are hypervoxels and liquid effects is one of Lightwave weaknesses unfortunatly.

You could go blender to lightwave, or real flow to lightwave..or perhaps get the liquid fluid pack from dstorm, faster physx calculations and seems to behave
more like fluid than native standard particles.

Maybe bullet softbody could acheive some type of melting look, like the chocolate sample scenes sort of, but I donīt know much about that.