View Full Version : TC8000 controls multiple BMD ATEM TV Studios as input multiplexer (with multiview)

04-28-2013, 08:54 PM

As on new firmware Tc8000 is capable of controlling BMD Videohubs already, it would be really nice to have the same and even more when using BMD Atem TV Studio as input multiplexer.

Atem TVS would be perfect, as it is, cheap, directly ethernet controllable (no driver needed on TC), would offer multiview support (one extra Monitor per Atem TVS), has preview and program output to feed signals to TC8000 (when switching between 2 sources comming from Atem TVS), very low latency.
So with each Atem TVS another 4 additional sources would be availaable to the TC8000 (6 from Atem TVS but loosing 2 on TC)

As this would only be additional network protocol to add to the TC software it would be fairly easy to implement.

If newtek do not want to implement this, another option would be to do it as in between network translator software using the videohub protocol (from TC8000) and translating it to Atem TVS protocol. The Atem TVS Protocol is not official available yet, but widely reverse engineered already. I have already started with this but thought it would be cleaner and more sophisticated if its implemented in the TC itself (especiall when switching between two concurent inputs from Atem TVS could be handled much better when done directly in TC)

What do you think.

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TC8000 is so a nice machine, but having only 8 inputs are sometime really frustrating. Using a Videohub in front is a solution but not having preview for all channels or at least having to route each signal additionaly to a monitor or multiview splitter make things quite expensive and difficult.

04-30-2013, 10:06 PM
Just found out that Atem TVS is not able to output Preview seperately, so Atem TVS might NOT be the perfekt way to go.

What "cheap" Multiview devices are otherwise available right now (4 or 9 inputs) that could be used in conjunction with a Videohub.

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