View Full Version : Lightwave GOZ and Poser Pro Object Question

04-28-2013, 06:07 PM
So here goes.
I create a scene in Poser Pro save a PZ3 file, open with LightWave 11.5 as a scene.
Has all the different motions I desire, except I want to polish the model with more details such as color and textures.
I export use the GOZ button and move over to ZBrush and do my thing.
Every things turns out like I want.
I export it over using the GOZ button and now I have two objects. one with motion and one with the desired color and texture.
I know I am doing it wrong, but where?

If this interface only works with non rigged objects then it looks like I am off to using the Genoma rigs for interaction with the models.

Please advise which is the correct work flow or what step is missing in this work flow.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.