View Full Version : Should I reinstall LW 11.5?

04-25-2013, 07:41 PM
Layout 11.5 is very, very sluggish when I open the material presets. The problem started sometime after installing LWCAD and/or TFD. Then a little while after that I noticed that I still had LW 11.0 still installed, so I ran it's uninstall. After that, I've had numerous layout crashes and lockups. And when I open the preset panel and select a material my system starts working very hard. It sometimes takes a full minute or longer to become responsive. Even worse if I'm using VPR.

I'm on Windows 7. By the way, ever since I upgraded from 11 to 11.5 it takes about 2 minutes for the other application to open. For example, if I open Modler - boom - its open. Then I open layout and it takes 2-3 minutes. It works the same way if I open layout first, then modeler is slow to open.

Should I uninstall everything and start from scratch or are there some things to look at first? Thanks

04-25-2013, 07:58 PM
Sounds like a good plan. If you installed 11.5 into the same directory as 11.0, you most likely mucked something.

FWIW, when I finally got 11.5 a couple weeks ago, I left 10.1 installed and simply created a new 11.5 subfolder under the existing Newtek folder. I haven't had a bit of trouble with either or with any sort of HUB conflicts. I left 10 in place mainly to quickly check previous projects, look at earlier menu tabs, etc.


04-26-2013, 02:25 PM
OK, I reinstalled. Things are faster now, but I'm trying to add a new Library to the presets and all options are greyed out. I'm sure its a permission thing, but where do I change the permission to allow me to add a library?